2011 Cross-country Tour Comes to an End

We are back in NYC! After driving east coast to west coast and back – with  many adventures in between – I am tan, rested, and ready for work.

In mid-July, with the heat wave nipping at our heels, the wife, two dogs and a cat, and I, set off from NYC to Portland, OR.

In Portland, I bought a cheap realiable motorcyle – the Kawasaki KLR 650 the everyman’s street/dirt bike.  I fashioned some luggage out of a couple duffle bags and straps (not recommended) and road it down to the Black Rock desert in NV. There I worked on a 120 foot temple for a couple weeks before the Burning Man Festival. This was the fifth temple crew that I’ve worked with. This years stewards of the temple – the International MegaArts Crew did a fantastic job.

Still processing it all. But after 6 days of driving, I’m  back (in a NY groove) and ready to work.

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