Back in NYC

IMG_3310I’m back in NYC after a month of travel out west – through El Paso/Juarez, San Francisco, and Black Rock City.

I spent a week in El Paso, TX visiting Annunciation House – an emergency shelter that I volunteered at in the 80s. Annunciation House has been serving the undocumented homeless population since 1978. On average they have 80 guest at anytime from all over the world. The purpose of my trip was to do some photo documentation and to meet the volunteers in regards to setting up a blog for the house.

After El Paso,  I headed out to the Black Rock desert by way of San Francisco as part of the Burninator Crew. The Burninator was one of the large funded art installation at the Burning Man Festival. It was a grid of fire canons that were triggered by a computer sequencer. It was very much a success.

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