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Bio Documentaires – Two Challenging Artist

I recently watched – back to back –  What Happened Miss Simone? – a documentary about Nina Simone  – and Beware of Mr. Baker? – a film about the rock drummer Ginger Baker for the 60s rock band Cream.
All i can say is.  Holy shiz.  Like – holy mother flipping shiz. I had heard she was mad as a hatter. But I had no idea.  She once walked up to Martin Luther King and shouted I’m not non-violent. On stage, her personal demons fueled by  the indignities of the times enhanced her performances to hypnotic and frightening levels.

Ginger Baker looks, plays, and acts like the spawn of Satan. Not someone to turn your back on.

But – wow – what incredible artists.  Ginger Baker is really a jazz drummer. Would have been wild to seen them on stage together. What  would that have been like?


Here’s an awesome tune I’ve never heard.  Great for late night driving, thinking, and hatching of schemes.  I know noting about Dennis the Fox, but i love his haircut and serial killer glasses.

Temple of Grace – Flickr group

I’ve made an attempt to gather photos of all the Burning Man temples over the years – with better success that some. This past years is doing better than most.

Temple of Grace – Burning Man 2014 – Flickr Group

These are photos submitted by the public. The rights and resolution on each photo are whatever the user submitted.

The attempt here and has been to archive photos in high-resolution.  If you have some photos of the temple or of its production, please, do a little photo editing, and  submit the best ones.

Temple of Grace Campaign by Black Rock Arts Foundation.


This year David Best and the Temple Crew return to the playa to build the Temple of Grace.  If you have a few extra bucks, please show some love by sending them some.

I’ve worked on Petaluma aka David Best crew on four different temples. They’ve set the standard for pulling off big art. The process is as important, if not more, than the results. We aren’t making blinky tall things to burn.  We are giving birth to a healing being from another dimension.  In the end, we throw our tools in the truck and get out the way.  The community comes in and breathes life into it.

Circumstances being what they are, I may or not, be able to join this years crew.  If you make it to the desert, bring something to the temple that you can share and let go of.  A photo, toy, poem. There’s no better place to let that happen.


Burning Man Film List

Here is a list of films that I think anyone going to or considering going to Burning Man should watch.

I’ll be adding more in the comments as I think of them.  I hope you will add to the list too …. but please do not list Wicker Man or Dune. Nuff said on that?

  • My Dinner with André
  • Babbet’s Feast
  • Sans Soleil
  • André Rubulov
  • ** Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, just about any John Waters film
  • Santa Sangré
  • * The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  • * Eraser Head
  • 1941

* perhaps too obvious but worth listing for the kids

** obvious but definitely worth listing for the kids.