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Everyone can do their business in a safe setting

Let’s be very clear. Many of us have been in a nightclub bathroom where all the rules go out the window. People of both sexes, all sexual orientations, and identities, are doing their hair, taking a piss, doing blow, or maybe even starting a family in one of the stalls – in whatever bathroom happens to be free. And in the context for that night – the code of conduct is temporarily lowered by consensus. And you would hope, should something get out of hand – people would do something in pretty quick order.

That is not what we are talking about here. In your Walmarts, your schools, your goverment offices and business.. your highway rest stops – there are rules to make sure that creepy stuff is not happening and that everyone can do their business in a safe setting. Everyone. Creepy behavior does not belong in public bathrooms. If I walk into a public bathroom and see a straight man shooting up, i’m turning right around and filing a complaint.

Be-ing trans-gender is a real. It is not behavior – it is an identity. There’s nothing creepy about it. Here’s an expert link to get up to speed. If you are not up to speed, ok.. But no time like the present to get informed.

“Girl Power!” Fortune Magazine 1997 – a set on Flickr

Club Girl 1997
Club Girl 1997

“Girl Power!” Fortune Magazine 1997 – a set on Flickr.

My friend H posed in the Dec. 8, 1997 Fortune Magazine for an article called Girl Power! that was about marketing to teenage girls.

In the same magazine was an article touting the prospects of a new Bush that the Republicans were all giddy about. Someone who would take all this profit to the next level as soon as they could get that Clinton guy out of the way.

Hey Fortune Magazine readers!… how did that work out for ya?