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Frustrating FireFox bug with ExtnernalInterface – resolved

Looks like I had a problem with my JavaScript. I need to add:
var swfDiv = document.getElementById(‘swfDiv’);

Checks out now in FireFox 3.5 mac, FireFox PC (version?), IE 8 on the pc.

[cc lang="JavaScript" nowrap="true" width="550"]


The original problem laid out here

Source file for this little test are here:

Thank you to Nikolai of FlashCodersNY

Frustrating FireFox bug with ExtnernalInterface

I have a swf with some html copy below it. It should (seemingly) expand when clicking the button and contract when clicked again.

see example

I need to swap the z-Index of the divs containing the SWF and the html copy. The swf is embeded using SWFObject.

I have two simple javascript methods for re-assigning the SWF div’s z-index, but in FireFox these  from the actionscript to the  javascript methods are not getting through.  It works  in Safari and in IE (version ?) on the pc.

Download all source files here.

The ActionScript looks like this:
[cc lang=”actionscript3″ nowrap=”true” width=”550″]
import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

var expandedBool:Boolean = false;

bt.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClicked);
bt.label = “putFlashOnTop”;
function onClicked(evt:MouseEvent) {
if (expandedBool){
expandedBool = false;

if (ExternalInterface.available) {“putFlashOnBottom”);
} else {
tf.text = “ExternalInterface not available”;
bt.label = “putFlashOnTop”;
} else {
expandedBool = true;

if (ExternalInterface.available) {“putFlashOnTop”);
} else {
tf.text = “ExternalInterface not available”;
bt.label = “putFlashOnBottom”;

Concluded Deluxe Flash Video Player

I’ve just wrapped up a deluxe Flash video player for BBE.  The player has a customized views (size, gallery layout) and tracks all user interactions and records them to a cookie.

I’ve built many Flash video players. On this one I utilized a few different design patterns (Decorator, Command, Singleton, MVC.).

The project is ‘done’ but scheduled to restart July 20 when BBE will have some deals signed with clients to use the player.