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Slack in the real world

I set up Slack teams for three groups I am part of.  Will they take to it? I get the feeling it won’t happen right away… probably six months from now when they hear that their little niece is using it to organize her soccer team or Girl Scout troop.

How it works

You get an email for a team you are on.  Like say – I don’t know you are getting married. Unless you are eloping, you are on a team… and your team is on a journey. Fasten your seat belt.

Slack does a lot… but the best thing is channels.  So #centerpieces – moms, there you go.

Brother and soon to be brother-in-law have strong opinions about craft beer? #craftbeer_to_be _served. Have at it fellas.

#expenses – Ooh.. Let’s make this one private and invite in only the people that need to be there.

That’s it.. that’s Slack.  Does a bunch of other shiz. Send documents. Direct messaging.  But the main deal.. you don’t have to read every dog gone email just because someone thinks it’s important and shot it out to the whole group.


Ipad Web App

Built out an Ipad esales webb app following a tutorial by Chris Converse.  See it in web browser here. Drop the hash #browser, to be prompted to add the app to an ipad. When the app loads on an Ipad, the user is prompted to add it to the home screen so that it looks and feels like a native IOS app. This is all javascript, but I applied revealing modular javascript pattern.  I’m applying this pattern to all my javascirpt  work.  It take more set up, but it really tames javascript. This app:

  • repsonds to Landscape/Portrait
  • has google map
  • animated home screen

Mind Mapping

I found a great affordable Mind mapping app – MindNode.  I was first introduced to the concept of mind mapping by the Bee Collective – a group of activist that would go into poor and underserved communities to map out there hopes, dreams, desires, history, challenges.  It’s a really powerful and fun process.

MindNode has a free and pro version of their app. And a touch version for IOS.

I’m throwing together some maps for myself, but the real fun is doing it with a group.