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And Now, For Something Completely Different…

Rafting Guide School
Rafting Guide School

New city, new coast, and now… a new professional pursuit.  I left my awesome job at Yahoo working and ran off to white water rafting guide school in May.  After two weeks of intense training, I returned to Portland, and I’ve begun to pick up work guiding trips on the Clackamas River.

While not on the river, I’m playing around with new coding environments rediscovering why I got into software development in the first place.

I’m grateful to my team at Yahoo.  I had a great run there.

MySpace Face Recognition App

I was called into complete a Face Recognition Flash app for MySpace last week.  It was a promo for the Black Eye Peas.

After you give permission for Flash to turn on your camera, it locks in on your face (center your face for this) and then song begins. Cute 8bit art gets blasted on to your face (sunglasses, old game icons, etc).  You can move your face around and the art will follow you.  And then you can snap stills of the silliness with a button. When the song ends you can select screen grabs to upload to your MySpace account.

We did encounter one problem with Flash accessing the camera on some macs.  Apparently there is a bug with Mac OS 10.6.5 and the camera.  However there is a work around.

Goodbye Facebook

Today I deactivated my Facebook account  – twice.  I looks like you can sign back in and, bingo, you exist in FB again.  But for now, I do not.

Other than reconnecting with an old friend that I thought was dead or in jail (no on the first, 3 monts in Rikers), it’s been pretty much a waste of time. And very creepy.  Especially speaking to anyone that I have not seen since before puberty.  Why are they all Christians and/or Republicans.

And the level of dialouge never rises above snarky zingers. As Tyler Durden said, ‘how’s that working for ya?”

I’m not some sort of purist.  I suppose I’ll give Tumblr another look. But for now, the party line game is over for me.