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Dreary Coast

Rehearsing for The Dreary Coast
Rehearsing for The Dreary Coast

Back in Brooklyn for the month of Oct. to perform in a play called The Dreary Coast.  Written and produced by my old friend Jeff Stark.

The play is set on the Gowanus Canal.  To be clear, the audience and actors will be in boats and on the shores of the Gowanus.  Lop off the G-O-W on the name and you pretty much have an onomatopoeia.  The challenges of this production are many.  I’ve been on a lot of crazy complicated art projects.  This is cracky-crazy.

The Gowanus canal  is a special wild part of Brooklyn that is transforming before our eyes.  A super-fund clean up site with a Whole Foods on the embankment… and under construction, a beer garden and federal prison transfer station.  NY changes in the blink of an eye for better and worse.

The story and setting of the play are epic.  You can read about it in the Gothomist.

What am I doing?   I’ll be driving a boat…and singing with a band behind me in one scene. Guess who?  You’ll have to come see.

See you at the show. Don’t fall in the water.

Garbage Man Sporting His Bling

I love NY’s strongest. Part of me has always wanted to be a garbage man. Ride on the back of the truck getting a close up view of a good chunk of the city every day. I’d want to have my own truck that follows along and grab the good garbage but they probably wouldn’t allow that.

My garbage guys are friendly and real down to earth funny guys with a great whatever attitude that you probably have to have to do the job. Whenever we put out a lot of garbage, I’ll run outside in my pajamas when they come and help them toss it all in the truck. 

Last garbage day it was cool and rainy out.  The guys wore waders and their green sweat shirts.  One guy had on the fattest gold chain I’ve ever seen. It seemed to me to be a statment:  I got a job and health insurance. I’m in charge of million dollar equipment. I don’t have to go to the  gym because my garbage is my gym.  You don’t want to mess with this. I am NY’s strongest.