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My Other Card

CautionMike_Card - Safety FirstEvery year at Burning Man I meat a few people that I want to keep in touch with. So this year I made cards with my name, my picture, my art project, and my phone number. If we spoke for more than a minute, you got a card. I kind of over did it. I made 500 cards. Only 480 left to go. I thought of mooping the playa with the remainder just to see what sort of calls I might get…. but common sense won out.

If you are the lucky enough to possess one of these, you may turn it in for services. Ex: dipose of a body, bail out of jail, borrow money or wheels. (Each card is only good once.)

The photo on the other side (click to see) is by Mark Garlington who shoots a lot of the DPW (You built this city! It’s your fault!)