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Who is more Piratey – DPW or Gate?

Just back from Burning Man with a few thougths. First off….

Who is more piratey? DPW or Gate?

Both Gate and DPW wear a lot of black and large cheap knifes on their belts. Very pirate like, indeed.

The gate definetly has the more piratey logo.  But they also  had 2 if not more pirate flags flying at their HQ. Which makes me think that perhaps they are are a tad bit insecure about their piratey-ness.

The DPW has black hoodies with their logo.  All new DPW are forced to wear this uniform and go around saying, “I built this city.”  More experienced DPW wear distinctive haberdashery, vest, and mustaches and generally refrain from such sloganeering and  looking/acting like first year DPW… unless having a really bad night.

But I  question the piratey-ness of both crews. For they both partake in some non-piratey behaviour. Do pirates really get to shower every day and eat in a commissary? I think not.  I say to you digruntled Gate and DPW –  be a real pirate. Join the artist!  You don’t need to to wait in line for a public shower.  Pour  some  water on your crotch while sitting in a lawn chair. Sit their and scrub your ass in front of whomever walks by.  And you don’t need no stinking commissary.  Eat dinner cooked by your own hands with your knife because nobody on your crew brought any goddammned forks.

I’m telling you kids, the real pirates life is the way.  No 7 AM meeting.  Sleep in.  Wake up when you feel like it. Nurse that hangover til about noon and then sweat it out during the heat of the day.

Haaaaar.  The artist life for me. Come aboard matey.