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Osciallating Divs – Looking back at old code

I went back and looked at some old code in an experiment with the GSAP (aka Greensock) animation library.
I and i thought – oh, wow, that’s how I coded javascript a few months ago. With a bunch of globals.
So I cleaned up the code hiding that nastiness away. And the code is now on github.

View the animation here on you desktop, tablet or phone.

Note that the animation plays  choppy on older mobile devices when the alpha is tweened.

Random Tile class

Here’s an Actionscript 3 class I wrote the places tiles on a grid – either randomly or in order, with no overlap, and allows for a tile free zone.

You can see it in action here.
[cc lang=”actionscript3″ nowrap=”true” width=”550″]
* coding by mike Connor – flashDeveloper@rocketnumber9.org
* randomly places tiles on a grid so that o not overlap and do not fall in dead tile zone
package utils
import flash.display.DisplayObject;

public class RandomTile
private var numOfRows:uint;
private var numOfCols:uint;
private var rowArray:Array;
private var tileArray:Array;
private var unplacedArray:Array = new Array();
private var _gridW:uint;
private var _gridH:uint;
private var _maginTop:uint;
private var _marginLeft:uint;
private var _deadTiles:Array = new Array();
private var _randomLayout:Boolean;

public function RandomTile(r:uint, col:uint, ta:Array, gridW:uint = 76, gridH:uint = 76,
maginTop:uint = 2, marginLeft:uint=1, randomLayout:Boolean= true, deadTile:Array = null)
rowArray = new Array();
_randomLayout = randomLayout;

numOfRows = r;
numOfCols = col;
tileArray = ta;
_gridW = gridW;
_gridH = gridH;
_maginTop =maginTop;
_marginLeft = marginLeft;
if (deadTile !=null) _deadTiles = deadTile;
if (numOfRows * numOfCols < (tileArray.length - _deadTiles.length)) { throw new Error("Error - too many tiles, not enough spaces"); } else { init(); } } private function init():void { for (var i:uint=0; i= numOfCols){
colCount = 0;

Debug.trace_msg(“DONE placeTiles in order”, Debug.DEBUG_VERBOSE);

private function placeTilesRandomly(arr:Array):void {
for (var i:uint = 0; i