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Wilhem! Game Template

I built this  game a couple years ago as a demo of coding skills for a client. It’s not a game so much as a template for building a more complex game.  And for laughs, there’s the  Wilhem scream built in as a sound effect.

How to play: Select a coin, select a square to move to…. or select another occupied square and watch your coin die.

The code is an example of well organized flexible OOP Action-script coding.  My general approach to building Flash applications  of any complexity is a home-rolled MVC set up, observer design pattern, and the use interfaces… for starters. The complexity of the Flash projects I was taking on in the late 2000s, demanded adopting a flexible code organization. The primary objective was not get it out the door, but rather to  build it so we can add bells/ whistles and pull them out on short notice – without starting over from scratch Here is the code for the game template.

MySpace Face Recognition App

I was called into complete a Face Recognition Flash app for MySpace last week.  It was a promo for the Black Eye Peas.

After you give permission for Flash to turn on your camera, it locks in on your face (center your face for this) and then song begins. Cute 8bit art gets blasted on to your face (sunglasses, old game icons, etc).  You can move your face around and the art will follow you.  And then you can snap stills of the silliness with a button. When the song ends you can select screen grabs to upload to your MySpace account.

We did encounter one problem with Flash accessing the camera on some macs.  Apparently there is a bug with Mac OS 10.6.5 and the camera.  However there is a work around.