Notes from talk at FlashCodersNY on VPAID

Last night I spoke at the FlashCodersNY weekly meeting about the VPAID api. Below are some post-talk links and comments.

All that VPAID business I discussed last night is in the Open Video Player (OVP) code library. OVP is a very small library of code that is helpful for putting together video apps. In it’s advertising package, there is a class – VPAIDEvent and and interface – IVPAID. Even if you did not use OVP in your video app, these will save you a lot of time setting up a VPAID compliant player.

And when i say VPAID compliant player, what that specifically means is that after some parent swf loads a VPAID compliant child swf, the parent will ask the child for an instance of something that implements IVPAID. Then the parent swf will communicate with the child swf through that object by calling VPAID methods on it and responding to VPAIDEvents.

Your swf does not necessarily need to actually do every single thing requested of it via the api. Ex: stopVideo() may not apply to your banner ad. However, the parent swf has to be able to call any VPAID method without throwing an error. As long as IVPAID is implemented, methods that don’t apply can be safely ignored.

I haven’t looked at this stuff in a few months so I was a little rusty. But I had been thinking about how an ad interface like this would be useful for games. It looks like the IAB has been doing something about that.

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